Sellers always ask me the number one way to get top dollar for their property, for the least money. My answer to them is ,"GET RID OF JUNK!"  You're moving anyway, right? So start packing and fill your garage. Potential buyers don’t seem to be bothered by cluttered garages as much as cluttered houses. But don't go overboard and empty the house completely!  A simply furnished house is better than a vacant house, as buyers can see how each room "works".


To get a potential buyer into your home, they must feel good about the appearance of the front of your house. In this "hot"market, agents are simply giving buyers list of available properties, sending them out to look on their own and telling them to call them if they find one they like (I don't work that way!). To get your buyer to make that call, you must make sure your grass is green and mowed, no peeling paint on your house, and again, the least amount of clutter in front of your house. Freshly planted color in your front yard doesn’t hurt, either. One very important place to have extra sharp, is the entry-way to your front door. This is a crucial moment in the buyers mind as they wait for their real estate agent to get the lockbox open. At this point potential buyers have approximately 2 minutes to form an impression if this is a well maintained home or not.


Getting a termite inspection out of the way before listing your home is a great idea! Almost all lenders require what's called a "termite clearance" for loan approval. So, unless your buyer is a cash buyer, you as a seller must provide one. By getting an idea what the cost will be, prior to listing your home,  you will not be presented with any unpleasant surprises. You may call or e-mail me for a company referral.   I give a select few companies a lot of business, so they tend to give my clients a better deal.
These are the top three things that I advise to my clients. Having a design background has helped me tremendously in real estate. Don’t be surprised if I move a couple pieces of furniture or bring over a some plants. Whatever it takes to get you top dollar for your home is my top priority.